In-person worship services resumed June 27, 2021. Services at 11am. Service is also available via Zoom.

Use this link to zoom.
Meeting ID: 394 857 6280
Zoom password: peace
Go to Zoom.us for for more information on using Zoom.

St Paul’s building opened for 12-step groups on July 12, 2021. Find updates and schedules posted on the main doors and the bulletin board downstairs.

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Community Worship

We all need a place to be on our spiritual journey where we can sense the presence of God, know and be known by others, and to worship with and belong to a caring community. We are a small but strong congregation, and will soon get to know you by name. At St. Paul’s we are seekers, believers, and doubters. We are of different ages, races, sexual orientations, and abilities and deeply value our diversity. Our worship and community life is faithful and vital. You will not be told what to believe here, but encouraged to grow in your faith. We welcome you to worship with us as a visitor and to become a friend.